How to Use

  1. Click 'Start' at the Home Page to go to the Content Page.
  2. Readers may click the buttons at the top right hand corner to access the Content Page of Traditional Chinese stories, Simplified Chinese stories or English stories.
  3. The stories are available in FLASH and PDF versions. The FLASH version contains animation and audio-reading functions, while the PDF version is suitable for printing and reading with devices which do not support FLASH version.
  4. At the Story Page, readers may start reading by clicking the ‘Arrow’ buttons to flip the page manually. Readers may also use the 'Auto-play' or ‘Mute’ functions if necessary.
  5. After reading the story, readers may click 'Restart' to read the story again, or click 'Main Page' to return to the Content Page for downloading the worksheet as extended learning activity (answers for all worksheets are available at the ICAC Moral Education e-Reading Scheme website).
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