Food for Thought¡¨:English Moral Education Materials for Senior Secondary Students









The "Food for Thought - Supplementary Moral Education Package for Senior Secondary Students ( is a collection of Chinese language stories by contemporary authors. In bringing together each writer's unique sentiments and viewpoints, the package aims to promote moral awareness among students. Each story also encourages readers to broaden their outlooks on life and establish sound personal value systems. Launched in early 2007, the package has been widely acclaimed by teachers.

The publication of "Food for Thought" in English was inspired by comments from teachers who believed that the discussion of moral issues in English would be useful. Two stories from the 2007 package - namely, Equipped for Life and The Story of Stone - have been selected and translated into English. Also, to add to students' understanding, a vocabulary glossary has been prepared for each story. The provision of informative English language discussion topics and learning activities make these stories complete teaching units. Teachers are welcome to use the materials in Ethics, Religious Studies and Life Education classes, and during selected extra-curricular activities.

We hope that these materials provide you and your front-line teachers with a set of practical and useful resources to promote ethics among senior secondary students. Our ultimate aim is to help build an ethical and corruption-free community in Hong Kong.

Education Unit
Community Relations Department, ICAC, 2009


"Food for Thought" - Supplementary Moral
Education Package for
Senior Secondary