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Invitation Message from Mr Bernard CHAN

 Chairman, Organising Committee of the "i-Relay" Youth Integrity Project
  Mr Bernard CHAN


Welcome to the "i-Relay" Youth Integrity Project!

Integrity is a universal value. Everyone plays a part in upholding it and passing it on. This Project is spearheaded by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) with the support of the Commission on Youth, Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, all the 17 tertiary education institutions and several renowned youth associations in Hong Kong. It provides a good chance for young people to explore the topics of youth integrity, money management and a fruitful life.

To create synergy and encourage international exchange, tertiary students from the Mainland and overseas are welcome to join the Team Competition, Exchange Programme and the Youth Summit of the Project.

Seize the opportunity! Join this Project, take part in the integrity relay and make your contribution!




Mr Bernard CHAN
Organising Committee of the
"i-Relay" Youth Integrity Project


Promotional Video